Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adventures in Singledom

Ah so embarassing blog post time!!! Yayyyy! I have no in fact been single for several months now (geeze, maybe close to a year...eek!). And as to be expected, in the meantime there have been many "adventures" to put it nicely. I've done the convenient dating, wishful thinking, horrible drunkenness, friday-night loser... I've never really had to real world date (did a little in college but was mostly long term relationships), and so far it's not so fun really. So I figured it was time to "treat myself" and join one of these dating sites. And thus the adventure/review begins.

So a while back I had done some of those free weekends on eharmony. But man! They asked wayyyyyy to many questions. I was exhausted by the time I got through making a profile - I can't imagine that any of the guys i would be attracted to would really sit through that. So I knew that wasn't the one, and that really only just about leaves match from the ones I knew of. But a hundred something $ ??? Too rich for my blood. Cue the bargain shopper genes to the rescue! Found it for 50% off through the Bank of America add it up program. Much more reasonble. Ten bucks a month or so I can handle. So I give in and sign up.

Now the consipracy theory. I'm convinced that they put us 50% offers together into some reject group. Either that or the dudes just suck. More likely the second though... at least from what I've talked to others about. It just seems like they're all either your steretypical boring DMB loving guys or the weirdos. Needless to say, not my type of men. Oh and fyi, I judge by your pictures. But not if you're good looking or not - I like to see what you're doing, who you're doing it with and where, and if you seem fun. I dont want to see lots of pics of you sitting around smiling. I want to see you in action being fun, because those are the kind of people I like.  Apparently match guys dont do that.....

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Need not apply.

Of course, I've paid so I'll be keeping up with it anyways cause you never know. There have been one or two that piqued my interest - but it's so damn awkward! What do you do? Horrible messaging? Winking? I've been going with the latter for the most part, but I'm sending messages here and there too on the rare occasion that there is someone i *might* like a little.

So step 2 in the adventures of singledom... speed dating. Oh yeah baby. An old neighbor of mine was going and invited me. How could I possibly resist the wonderful potential horrendousness. I thoroughly believe that some things you just HAVE to do for the story. Unfortunately, the turnout for this particular event was small (I guess they usually have 8 or 10, but we had 6... huge chances there). We still managed to get all the stereotypes - the foreingner, the totally awkard guy, the laborer, the i think i know everything about music and am young and hip but am really kinda lame guy. Then there was one normalish dude, but he lived way outside the city (boooooo - i'm too lazy for that) and one guy who I could see maybe going on a few dates with, but not dating really (so what do you do with that??). Overall, fairly lame, but I'm still glad I did it. It was an adventure indeedie. Would i do it again, why the heck not?  Kinda funny afterstory... we went back and looked on the site of this particular group, and even in their promotional video the people reviewing it were kinda wishy washy. 

Not a totally terrible idea....

So that brings me to the finally step. Okcupid. I knew a friend of mine using this one (several apparently), but had totally forgotten about it! We'll have to see if anything actually pans out, but at least I'm getting somewhat normal people messaging me and there are actually itneresting people for once. I've found my stomach soulmate apparently (steak and cinnamont toast crunch - not together, just both amazing) and possibly someone who lives in my old apartment building. I can't lie... i'm super addicted to the quickmatch thing (and maybe am a little too liberal with who I give out 4 stars too - but hey, you miss all the shots you don't take, right?). And I think the awards idea is hysterical (can you really just send that to someone random though???). Again, you get stuck with the question of what the heck is online dating etiquette? I certaintly have no idea and I'm sure no one else does either.

So I'm just winging it from here.  Who knows what the heck will come out of ANY of it, but like i said - some things you gotta do for the story. At a minimum I hopefully end up with some entertaining stories, maybe some new friends and anything past that is would just be dandy too. But i'm certainly not holding my breath.

Well this didn't turn out nearly as exciting or embarassing as I thought it would, but between the massive amounts of work I've been doing lately, this has been the randomness that is my love life. With any luck there WILL be some good follow up stories :) In the meantime, that's my $.02.