Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exercising in Small Spaces

::wink wink nudge nudge:: You know what I'm getting at :-o Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

No, but seriously.... One big obstacle for people, myself included, can be getting in the exercise when they don't have access to a gym, have only a very small space, or like me - just don't feel like walking to the gym (how ironic, eh? i'll kick my ass in my apt, but won't do the 10 min walk to the gym). NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!! 
  Suck it up princess.

That's just no reason to not get a workout in.  This is going to be a hopefully massive list of ideas, link, pics, information and challenges that help me help yourself PUMP YOU UPPPPPPP. So here it goes! So much more interesting and challenging options than running around the block a few times. I'm not really going to go into the "why's" of each recommendation (that would be even bigger!) but you can probably find your answers in many of the links here.

So one of the easiest things to do are circuits, and circuits that don't necessarily need a lot of space. And trust me, they will kick your ass! You might need minimal equipment for some of the things I list here, but you can always mix and match these ideas to make it work for you.  Typically, you're going to pick a few exercises (at least one you hate- if you hate it, you probably need to do it) and rotate through them for one, two, three or more rounds. Usually you can start with something like 30 sec on (aka as hard as you can) followed by 30 sec rest, and work your way up to something like 45 on/15 off and eventually just 60/0. Be careful when you add things like box jumps to your circuit, or you might end up like me!

My biggest inspiration and challenger when it comes to circuits is definitely Rachel Cosgrove. She's the master and the ultimate masochist. LOADS of exercise choices here. There's no way you can't find some that will work for you. So here's my list:

If you've never done this, well, you're a lucky SOB. Tabata is some of the most brutal shit on the planet... if you're doing it right. Basically, it's supposed to be the ideal circuit timing for fat loss, in both overall and interval duration, assuming you're pushing yourself. It's got to do with technical mumbo-jumbo like VO2 max etc (if you wanna read more, look here for some preliminary explaination). If you really want to maximize your time and have the balls to REALLY push yourself, then this is your spot:
Final note: make sure you have a puke pail ready if this is your first time. You might need it.

Now there of course are definitely some good options that include minimal or moderate amounts of equipment.  So depending on how much you want to stock up on, where you're going and what you like, there are tons of options!  One basic but KILLER option that most people forget is just the good old jump rope. Try jumping rope for 10 minutes. Just try.  (or even better, throw in some intervals or circuits with burpees or pushups.... you get the idea).

I'm not a huge fan of them, but I know many that have had success, especially in the beginning, with using resistance bands for their strenght training.  One great thing about these is their portability. You can easily google workout ideas for these (many more mainstream magazines will have simple ideas too), but here's a starter from Just remember, make sure you're really using the appropriate resistance! They're not a bad workout tool - just people have a tendency to go too light. Or you could try something like this workout on your lunch break at the park (not the exact workout I was thinking of, but you get the idea - walk, then do an exercise, then walk, repeat) or this workout from Women's Health at your local playground.

Now if you're at home and want to get a little more fun/intense, then here are some other GREAT ideas for you. The equipment here starts to get a little more intimidating I supposed. Things like kettlebells, sandbags, cars - whatever you have lying around really.
And finally I would feel wrong if i didn't at least mention suspension training. It's a bit of a new craze right now, but there's a ton of great potential here. Plus it's totally portable (really, all you need is a door frame). A bit of an investment at first, but pays for itself fast when you compare against a gym membership. The most popular of brands would definitely be TRX at the moment (take a look at them here). But I'm sure there are others out there and really crafty people out there could easily make their own. This isn't something I've tried out yet (we have accordian doors at my current place!!! hahaha) but it's definitely something I want to try! It's supposed to be amazing for your overall core and stabilization. Now for the ass kicking ideas:

So there ya have it ladies and gents.  A ton of easy ideas for you to get in whatever kind of exercise you want where ever you want to do it. Little to no equipment needed. So get out there and get to it!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bun-tastic Updates

So as many of you know, I recently found out that I'm going to have to be moving, and ASAP, as my building has been sold. This unfortunately means that I'm also going to have to stop being a foster home. I'm really grateful that I've been able to do it thus far, but it's nearly impossible living downtown.  So these are probably going to be some of the last blogs about any rabbits I personally foster.


And Toby Video of her adorable food bowl flipping habits.

AND DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're in a mad race with some other local shelters for an online challenge for $1000. We've won it before. It's a great sense of pride for the buns - just that a local group of RABBIT forster homes can beat out all sorts of cat/dog shelters. Puts our name on the map and means a LOT to the rabbit community.  So read more about it and VOTE VOTE VOTE. you can VOTE every day :)  And if you read this, you better vote or else.

House Rabbit Network Woburn MA

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes the ups/ Outnumber the downs.....

But not in Nottingham.

OK, maybe totally a bit overdramatic lol, but it's been stuck in my head and this is kinda a bummer of a post, so I figured use it. Long story short: things have been a bit rough lately - few moderate bumps in the road - but I'm still doing really good despite this. But I've promised a few this would get posted about, so here it is. Enjoy?