Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was a One-eyed, One-horned, Flyin' Purple People Eater!

So tonight I was having quite the interesting conversation with my roomie about Braveheart/scary/gory movies and I realized, Wow, I have a really interesting/screwed up history with scary stuff/movies. That would be fun to record! So, here we go!
Well, it all start wayyyyy back when I was a wee lass. Even certain Disney scenes were too much for this princess - like when Ursula turns into a giant mega-Ursula or pretty much all of Pinocchio. Just about all I could take was Bill Cosby's The Chicken Heart. And that's probably pretty impressive considering that I usually had to fast-foward one of the tracks on our Cats tape (I have no idea which one of course, just that it scared the piss outta me) ANNNNND our West Side Story tape. Now that one I remember was the "rumble." And thus the beginning of my life with scary movies.

This would be a good time to flash foward to about 5th grade, when I hung out with a rough crew of gals - welll about as rough as it could get for our town, so it still involved digital pets and Devin Sawa. Well these ladies were not at all scared of anything scary (unlike myself who was piss your pants terrified during most sleep overs from 5th-7th grade), and thus the torture began. It started simple with seemingly innocent films like Now and Then, but these lead to actually attempting seances in our friends backyard/cemetry and her parents jumping out in the middle of it to spook us/nearly give me a heart attack lol. Obviously the next step was to move up to Scream and Scream II, both of which gave me nightmares for weeks no matter how hunky Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard were. We did a little House on Haunted Hill, Urband Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Craft and mother-freaking Event Horizon. Holy crap. Damn peer pressure! You did me rough!

Nothing will crack me up eternally more though than a certain share experience my sister and I had with some genetically spliced paleolithic clones. That's right, Jurassic Park baby!!! The movie came out in 1993, so that puts me at 8 and my sister at 11 and it was rated PG-13, yet somehow my parents thought it was a good idea to take us????  Now I made it through about an hour or so, but my older sister made it through maybe 10 minutes! Movie fail. It was years until we were able to finally rent it as a family and all sit down together, have a laugh, and make it through - with a couple trips to the hallway to hide of course.

Good Family Fun!

So despite taking me to see JP at 8yo, my parents then proceeded to have quite the interesting stance on mature films. My junior year of highschool, I wanted to watch Saving Private Ryan upon recommendation of our AP US History teacher. Nope. But they would let me watch Schindler's List with them. They knew I had seen Resevoir Dogs but made me leave the room for the last scene in Braveheart when they're quartering Mel Gibson. They don't even show anything!!!!!! Oh parentals.

[I was going to insert a Schindler's List picture here but it was just too awful - apparently not for my parents - but yes for this blog. So use your imagination]

Now what am I like today you might ask? Well, I'm still a wimp, that's for sure. Gore movies - those don't bother me at all. So things like Hostel I could care less about. They don't spook me out or even really gross me out. I think they're kinda silly. Anything with ghosts will have my spooked and looking around corners for a few days guaranteed. And definitely don't set it in the woods or I will run from my car to my house if I'm home. I still have yet to see The Blair Witch Project.  Put people in masks like The Strangers and I can't even watch the previews. Pyschological stuff though, like Saw, that's totally doable since that tickles me brains. Guess as long as it isn't Mel Gibson not being cut up, I'll be set. Thanks Mom + Dad.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been feeling fairly uninspired lately. Not too much has been going on that I've felt the overwhelming urge to blog about, but I have felt the urge to blog. So today I was thinking of embarassing things I could share with the public, and what's more embarassing than a list of those sexy men I've crushed on throughout the ages? So here were go. Sad but true.... my real life MASH hopefuls.

1. Keanu Reeves - I mean, seriously, who didn't? "Shoot the hostage." Dead sexy. When my sister and I were kids, we had a craft table of sorts. We used to write our crushes' names on the bottom of it.  There are many an interesting spelling of Mr. Reeves' name, surounded in giant hearts of course.

Eddie on "La Vitesse"

2. Devin Sawa - Oh man of man, he was a total teen hunk in middle school. Now and Then when he kissed Christina Ricci?? Ow Ow!!! You couldn't help but swoon. I'm pretty sure I still have a picture of him somewhere in one of my memory boxes. Oh you can't forget Casper while we're at it. (They said "bitch" in that movie!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh).

Awwwww. Teen love.

3. Colin Firth - Love Actually, Pride & Prejudice, or Bridget Jone's. Name your movie, he's a sexy beast. Now, then and always. Who cares if he's old enough to be my Dad? Every time I see that man dive into Netherfield Pond... damn!

4. Will Wheaton - Time to get embarassing. I was born and raised on good ol' Star Trek: The Next Generation. I had to have the hots for one of them. Wesley and his rainbow striped uniform and sexy physics skills was the obvious choice. Who cares about Stand by Me anyways?

Oh Mr. Crusher!

5. Gavin Rossdale - Like most teenage girls of the 90's, this lead singer of Bush swallowed my heart and there was no coming down form it (yes, those are horrible references. sorry). Even more reason to hate Gwen Stefani (who annoys me to no end...except when singing about bananas).

6. Ewan McGregor - Anyone that knows me knows my love of this man. Be still my heart. He might just be my #1. Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Down With Love, A Life Less Ordinary and of course, my favorite - Trainspotting. Doesn't matter to me if he's all clean and proper or "heroin chic." Oh and the voice, the voice!!! Take me now Renton....errr... I mean Ewan...

I don't understand how anyone could resist....

7. James Bond Jnr. - Last but not least, I couldn't end this list without including my first love. The one, the only. Bond. James Bond. Junior. This prep school student spends his free time fighting for the safety of the free world with the use of crazy gadgets and mad science. And he does it all while being dead sexy, at least to a sex year old. For those that haven't been enlightened, hold on to your horses and enjoy the show.

So that's that. My sexy 7 of the evening. Amazing. Embarassing. and True.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It occurred to me this week that I don't think I've done a post about my furkids - or at least not recently. I got the idea when I saw the picture of one of my rescue group's newer adoptables, Goliath, a cutiepie little lionhead who looks just like my Dirk did as a baby. So this probably won't be the most exciting post, but it might be the cutest.

I guess we start at the beginning. You probably ask, how in the world did I get into rabbits? Not exactly a common pet are they? Our bunny involvement started about 40 years ago, with my Dad! He had buns when he was kid. He also had pretty strong animal allergies, which I was lucky enough to inherit. So when it came time for our family to get pets, cats and dogs were definitely out. That left buns!

Enter Tippy and Toes! We were very creative young gals with our naming. Tippy and Toes did have excellent periscoping skills though, at least until Tippy goy fat :) Oh and for those that don't know, periscoping is bunny talk for standing up on your back feet only and looking around, like a periscope on a submarine. Our buns lived relatively long, happy lives. Toes was constantly either running into things and breaking his teeth (yes, literally) or very exubrantly lusting after poor Tippy. Her scent alone saved him from being lost in the woods one night he got loose! They were our babies. And they passed away when I was in highschool. I knew I couldn't have bunnies in college, but I always knew I would get more as soon as I could.

The beginning of Love.... and many incidents of peeing on my bed!!!

Enter..... Clive and Dirk, my current furkids! In the weeks before the end of college, I started looking everywhere for a place I could get buns. Unfortunately, at that point I didn't even think about adoption. It didn't occur to me with rabbits, but I can't imagine any other way to do it in the future! I did however come across (thanks to my sister) and fall in love with a breed called lionheads. And thus began my search.

First, I found baby Clive. Awwwwww. And a few weeks later came baby Dirk. And pretty immediately after came love, as you can clearly see in their ridiculous snuggling and spooning.

Baby clive, baby dirk, early bonding in the park, spooning in the litterbox - literally.

And even sooner it was clear who the third wheel was. I love my boys dearly, but they're clearly in love with each other and not me! I'm the human slave. I clean. I give hay. I have treats. That's me. The only time I get attention is when we go to the park and they're trying to hide from everyone.  I don't have any idea why they wouldn't love me all the time....

Xmas 2007

So, like I said, not the most exciting post, but probably the cutest!!!!

What are those??? April 2008

Friday, October 8, 2010

You Can't Have Your Pudding if you Don't Eat Your Meat!!!

Last weekend I had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall live! Thank god I have an awesome cousin that jumped on me months ago and informed me that I was going :) Seriously, THANK GOD.  I've been to a lot of shows in my day and thoroughly enjoyed them all, but this was unlike any show I've ever been to before.  Generally, I go to smaller shows - more along the lines of 500-3000 people. This wasn't a huge show by any means, but it was the biggest I've been to, with about 18,000 people at The Garden and it was more of a stage production than a concert.

The first half of the show revolved around the wall being built up between the band and the audience, the original inspiration of the movie. Stage hands would walk out one by one carrying bricks and piling them up as the band performed. They left small window holes in place so that you could see the band until the last song of the first half. The engineer in me thoroughly enjoyed seeing the construction. As the bricks were put in place, they became screens on which various images were projected onto, in addition to a giant circle above the stage. Sometimes it was sections from the movie and other times they were just provocative images. Waters had fans send in images and stories of family members who had died in war to bring some of the themes into current times. Their images were projected onto the circular screen and then transferred onto the individual bricks, starting with his father. It was quite epic.

The Wall being built, rally scene, 13 channels of shit, the Teacher in puppet form, the marching hammers and a giant floating pig - in the flesh.

It was a most excellent time. The crowd was quite the mix of people. We had a group of 40 year old stoners making up the rest of our row. They lovingly nicknamed me "Number 5" for my seat and commented on my every movement in and out of the aisle. One was smoking next to me and did eventually offer me a hit with 5 minutes left. Just a few hours too late buddy. Then we had the family in front of us - mom, dad and daughter. Mom was clearly there because it was a "family thing," but daddy and daughter were rocking out together, quite adorably. It had my roomie and I talking - what the heck music that's come out any time recently could someone our age enjoy with their child? Nothing. Just nothing. Definitely some stuff from more of the 90's, but anything past y2k is generally just crap and certainly not classic.

A small glimpse into the show.

It was an epic night and much fun had by all. Of course we needed something for bragging rights in the future to say "I was there!!"  We both decided to commemorate the night with some wonderfully inappropriate flower t-shirts from some of the animated sequences. There were some really cool dark t-shirts, but this one screamed "buy me!!"
I'm so glad I went and got to experience this for probably the last tour ever. For an almost 70yo dude, Mr. Waters can still put on quite the show. And there was only one "old man moment" - when he was exciting the stage at the end of the show, gripping that stair railing like his life - or probably his knees - depended on it. Everyone loves a silver fox. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She's Baaaaack!

Well Howdy-Ho! I'm baaaack!
It's been many a month since I've visited you all in blogging land and I'm ready to make my return! Hopefully it will be most triumphant (excited anyone?). Or at least OK. I'm not too sure where to start now that I think about it. Hard to sum up the past few month, but I'll try.

Honestly, it's been a bit rough lately. Going through some personal stuff (to be girly and vague), but I don't want to get down and mopey with that. Always look on the bright side of life, right? Right. Unfortunately, the bright side of the last few months has mainly revolved around food...not so cute on the waistline. So that's #1 on the comeback to-do list. Getting back in good shape and starting to eat well again. I did say good shape and not just shape because I have somewhat maintained that. I did quite sucessfully complete the Warrior Dash with a bunch of awesome friends just a few weeks ago (which my friend quite wonderfully wrote about here!). So I was somewhat able to keep in shape of some sort. Definitely not up to par for me though. Plus, I long for "da pummmp" as Arnie would say.

Work has been OK as well. Mostly doing a lot of the same stuff.... over and over again. I'm quite ready for a change of pace, which luckily I'll be getting soon when I go out for inspections! I've decided to put off grad school for the moment while I try to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life. Just decided the timing wasn't right. So that's that for now.

I didn't get to do quite as many "summer" activities as I might have liked. But I've been keeping pretty busy with my friends too, which has been nice! Hanging out doing random things, helping my college bf with wedding stuff here and there, going to concerts, seeing the family and enjoying shenanigans with the Boston Society of Spontaneity. I haven't been doing as much volunteer work as I would have liked lately either, but there's always time to change that! I have been enjoying my new volunteer role with my rabbit rescue group, HRN - working on the hotline! I've had all sorts of interesting calls and was given the Hotline Volunteer of the Year award at our Bunny Bash this summer for my "grace" (ha! my mom would love to hear that) during some of the more "interesting" calls. I miss fostering, but I know I'm making a good solid contribution doing this too!

What else? Well given that I'm calling this a comeback, I figure it's also time for a.... MAKEOVER! 

There's some neat new options available on blogger that I definitely want to take advantage of here. So be expecting the setup to change a lot, when I get motivation of course. I'd like to try to also use this more to post a bit of what I'm doing for diet/exercise since my friends usually ask me about it (and to keep myself a bit more on track and accountable....). And I want to include some more random stuff about just my everyday life too. So it will be all over the place! No real theme... other than me?

So I think that's about that! I'm back! I'm excited. I hopefully won't get too distracted by my Wii. Speaking of which, time to!

Everybody loves a COMEBACK, right?

::coming soon::