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For those of you that know me, you know that about 1.5 years ago I was in awesome shape. Super athletic and confident. Loved exercising, eating healthy, being active - all those good things. I never really stopped liking any of those things, but I stopped doing them.  Went through a bit of emotional trauma and got totally off course. Since then, it's been kind of two steps forward, one step back. Maybe more like one step forward, two steps back even. Despite being in dive school and getting into a very physical field of work, I've just kept packing the pounds on and watching the muscles I love slowly disappear as I became bigger than I've ever been by far. Sorry if I sound like a stereotypical whining girl with that - but it's fairly accurate. I'm overweight, not healthy and that's the truth.

So where to from there? Well, a few weeks ago I think I finally became truly sick of my state. "Change only comes when the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of changing." That kind of thing. So it's back to square one. I've pulled out ye old faithful New Rules of Lifting for Women and am working towards getting back on track with my Berardi style Precision Nutrition inspired meals. What does that really mean? I'm lifting 3x a week, cardio 2-3x, trying to add in more NEPA (non-exercise physical activity - aka walking, leisure biking, cleaning, etc), eating more protein, prepping my meals, living at the farmers market and trying my best to give myself leeway in the midst of it so I don't get crazed! 

Insert diet joke picture...
I've also decided to add a new thing. I'm trying to really track my meals and activities with It's been so long since I've weighed and measured foods and added them all up that I was getting quite out of whack with my estimations. I kept doing the "well, it's only like 150 calories, so it doesn't count." Yeah... sure.  That obviously worked. I've got a good 30-40lbs to lose and a lot of muscle to rebuild until I'm a healthy me again. Weight obviously isn't everything (I'd rather have my clothes fit!), but it's definitely something to keep track of. So the ticker of my progress is now above!

Hopefully that continues to inch towards the green. I'm starting to see some definite progress and I'm trying to work with those endorphins, but I know The Grind is soon to come. I don't like being bloggy, but I do like fitness and accountability! And I like tips! True balance has always been hard for me to achieve and keep in this area of my life, so it's a different journey every time.

You can use my post labels to get to (or ignore!) my path as I get back to Fab again :)

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