Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Highlander: 1999-2003; Why am I sharing this? Part 1

Unlike most people in highschool, I think we had a fairly enjoyable time. It's begun to occurr to me, that these amazing memories are going to slowly disappear into oblivion, which when you have stories like stealing chess club, operation gobble gobble, coyneclops and hand made IUD's in health class just is not acceptable. So I'm going to start compiling some of mine here and damn well expect that my friends jump in and put in some of theirs.

Arnie, aka our Ron Jeremy look alike drivers ed instructor. I don't even know where to begin here. First, who was it? Me, Kevman, Jules and....Dan? Mike? See!! I'm loosing them already! Where do I start? The 21 point turn when we drove into the Constitution Marsh and ended up on a 5' wide road in the middle of the woods. That was pretty awesome/terrifying for your first time driving. The constant oggling? No, definitely the forced chinese fire drill at 5-corners when Kevin and Julie and to switch places during a traffic stop.  Wow. Just wow.  I don't think I even get any insurance credit for that extreme violation.

Oh Math Team. Yes, I was a Mathlete. And yes, we kicked ass. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we did actually have a really fun time given that it pretty much was all our best friends and a really awesome teacher. We trained, we competed, we won. And then we'd compete against the real teams....yeah. Nothing like Physics team, where we totally blew them out of the water....aka Dan cheated at the last minute and thew a bunch more sand into the bucket after the bridge had collapsed. Booyeah. And my homemade xlophone playing skills = AMAZING. We need to find the videos of that shit. I just vaguely recall some ridiculously team tshirts (anyone remember?). But alas, you'll just have to live with math team photos.

Now we also can't forget my first secret (ok second... stickman in 7th grade was first) secret admirer. And really, Fitz wasn't exactly secret. More like blatantly obvious. One of the few of the punk persuasion in the school, so somehow we had of course come into an aquaintainship of sorts (possibly through unitard Mark?). Now Kyle was one persistent young man, creating a variety of poems for me. But alas, it did not work for the self proclaimed teddy bear with "more to love." But here for your enjoyment - a supposed poem from me to my boyfriend, dumping him for Mr. Fitz, entitled "Welcome to Dumpsville: Population You" (a Short Music ref):

Where else do we even go? What about Mr. Nobile - I would say the best English teacher but I loved all of our English teachers honestly (especially glueing a certain one's head to a model's body as an xmas gift for a certain friend...). When I rewrote and performed Bohemian Rhapsody a la piano about Animal Farm for some project (lordy, I really am a dork). My most enjoyable moments with him were musical though. We had some good discussions...I brought him 90's punk and he gave me what he considers to be some essential rock ballads including Utopia's Singring and and the Glass Guitar, Rush's  2112, Yes's Close to the Edge, King Crimson's Lark's Tongues in Aspic Parts 1 & 2, Limp Richard's Attack of the Giant Painted Baby and Wave Phenomenom, and The Barking Spider's Some Bush Tune. Unfortunately, I have this on mix tape now and nada to play it with.  One day Nobes, one day....

Ok, well I think that's enough for part 1. I'm expecting requests or suggestions. We had some classic moments damnit. I demand they be captured, even if no one else understands them except us. Sorry :P