Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Not sure what to do with this week. Not sure what to say. How much. How little. What really needs to be said. But when in doubt, there's usually someone else that said it better. So that's what I'm going with. Quotes from songs that are capturing my somewhat morbid, realistic and hopefully hopeful feelings for the week. And in that, hopefully doing a little bit of SOARing.

You're taught to divide the world into buddies and wives, sluts and wimps;
And ever since, you've kept a scorecard - how else to prove you're such the pimp.
You are just a robot, executing a program.
You are just a robot, an imitation of a man.
                    - Robot, Nada Surf

I'm left with yesterday
Left with trouble on my mind
No more the warm caress
Just emptiness & despair
I see my dreams burn before my eye
                     -Nick Northern, Snuff

You'll feel good for ten minutes
She'll be screwed up for life
What if they did that to your sister?
What if they did that to your mother?
                         -Mother's Day, Nada Surf     

Yes I wore a slinky red thing
Does that mean I should spread
For you, your friends your father, Mr. Ed
                        -Me and a Gun, Tori Amos

Here I am still intact
And I should give myself
Credit for that
                         -Weave and Unravel, Tilt

And when there's nothing to gain
Or bring me pain or pin the blame
On you or myself....
How ill feel like a beautiful child
Such a beautiful child again
                        -Beautiful Child, Rufus Wainwright

Monday, April 18, 2011

Katarina, donde esta?

Man oh man, so I have been one busy chica these last few weeks and I'm going to continue to be one over the next few. So this is kinda one of those bs interim blog posts to say "Hey! Hey you! I'm alive still! Don't forget about me and stop reading!"

Let's see, so my biggest adventure (which I will blog about) was SCUBA lessons last weekend. They were, well, AH-mazing. Bought myself a wetsuit on ebay already. This past weekend I went to a very unique party - a CHILI COOKOFF!!!! Again, AH-mazing. Nine different types of chili, all of which my stomach is still working on. Next weekend is Easter and the end of my Lenten experiment, overall with which I am very pleased. But more importantly, Friday is the premier of a fantastically cheeky little film called Rubber about Robert the killer tire. The boy and I will be seeing it before traversing home for the holiday.

Somewhere in the midst of this, I've been planning a bachelorette party for my lovely friend D and getting ready for her wedding. This means the boy and I are going to have to use our groupon for Boston Swing Central, where we get a free lesson and then a night of dancing. We'd like to be somewhat in tune for the wedding and we've never really danced. We have a dinner party. I have a massage. Jumping out of a plane in a week. And there might be a Steampunk mini-convention. Oh yeah, and still trying to make that durned t-shirt quilt!

So phew! That's about what's been up with me. Hopefully many of those will have awesome blogs to accompany them. But I wanted to send an update so you all knew I was still here, still kicking, just super busy! Good things, good times. Photo worthiness.